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My Idea For A Medival Fantasy Spoof

In the kingdom of Yo’Asse, Buss’Tuh Capp reigns with an iron fist.  His goal is to dominate all of Shebang.
An unlikely hero is found in a young man from Crappe, Bagg.  While in the village of Dafuq, the ever-egnimatic She sent young Bagg to seek out the great wizard, Watt.  So Bagg of Crappe sought out Watt in Dafuq.  Because that’s what She said.
The great wizard sent Bagg on a quest to stop Buss’Tuh Capp in Yo’Asse.  He was sent to find the ultimate of the legendary weapons.  For though there be blades aplenty by names like Tiger’s Fang and Trollsbane, one did not truly know defeat until one has known the dishonor of being slain with the Rubber Ducky…

Oh, and he saves the whole Shebang.


Poetic Retort

Smartass, you say?
To be a smartass, one must first be smart.
Elsewise one is just an ass.
Be I wise or smart,
Dumb or jack,
Hat, face, or even hole,
I am never half.
Ass thou has named me,
And so ass shall I forever be.
And if thou is any representation,
Indeed, ’tis sorry company.

Stories of My Dad – The Baby Toy

Dad has been balding for as long as I remember. When I was little, this high forehead led to a minor misadventure.

Dad got the brilliant idea to take a suction cup baby rattle (the kind for use on high chair trays) and stick it on his forehead. He then proceeded to lie down on the floor and play with me. Things were going fine for a while. Real father-son bonding time.

Then, without warning, I grabbed the rattle and POP! I yanked it off of his head, leaving a large hickey behind dead center in his forehead. There was no missing it nor concealment for it.

He went to work the following day and one of his coworkers said, “Baby toy, eh?” “Yep.”, was dad’s reply.