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Why Twitter Is My Preferred Platform For Political Debate

I know most people hate debating politics on Twitter.  People flying off the handle, resorting to insults and trite slogans, the utter lack of reasoning, the blocking, harrassment, reporting, the trolls, CAPS ABUSE, mspeled words, txt abbr, doxxing, SWATing, etc.  Additionally, the small character limit is restrictive to any reasoned speech.  I understand it, I really do.

Yet that character limit is EXACTLY why I love it.  I have a tendency to become too heated in a passionate debate.  I’ll send off nasty retorts without a thought and real damage occurs.  But when I have a character limit I am forced to focus on my word choice.  This means I am re-reading my content as I type and can catch my own worst offenses before they occur.  It also forces me to boil everything down to the point.  I can use multiple tweets to make it, but I must be brief.

Another bonus?  Interruption ceases to be an effective bully tactic.  They can tweet away, but I can finish my point by ignoring those tweets until I am done.  Then I can go back and read my opponent’s work.

Good debate is rare to find anywhere, especially Twitter.  But if you can find it, it is a beautiful thing.

Podcast Review – My Thoughts On Arkham Sessions: Perchance To Dream

I missed Wednesday’s update due to temporary illness.  Friday was missed for other reasons.  Rest assured, I am alive, well, and blogging.  Thus, a weekend update in lieu of the traditional Wed & Fri updates.

For those unfamiliar with the Arkham Sessions, Brian Ward and Dr. Andrea Letamendi analyze the characters and plots of episodes from Batman: The Animated Series.  Dr. Letamendi is a practicing psychologist who brings the perspective of her profession to the table.

The latest episode reviewed was Perchance To Dream.  If you haven’t listened to it yet, please use the link to do so, then come back to read.

I agree with Brian Ward that Batman is a fanatic.  I find one check mark missing.  An attitude of “anyone who isn’t with me is against me”.  Batman’s worldview actually contains three groups of people: allies, villians, and civilians.  Civilians are not necessarily with Batman, in fact many of them see him as a problem.  Yet, Batman protects them.  They are neither allies nor enemies.  In the case of Poison Ivy’s fanaticism, civilians are the driving force behind the crass consumerism and industrialization that she sees as evil.  Therefore, civilians are villains in her extreme ecological ideology.

I have my own theory as to why Robin is absent from the perfect world created by Batman.  When we get to the later episodes of Robin’s Reckoning parts 1 & 2, we see that Bruce was witness to the Orphaning of Dick Grayson.  Bruce’s mission as Batman is to make sure that what happened to him never happened to anyone else.  In that moment, he failed.  He was just Bruce Wayne, helpless bystander.  He took Dick in because the parallel between there lives struck a personal chord.  In Bruce’s perfect world, Dick would have never lost his parents.  The Flying Graysons would still be performing.

I have heard that many people are afraid to be alone with their thoughts.  I find such a concept incomprehensible, as that is my favorite pastime!  I wonder, though, what influence that may have on the Experience Machine thought experiment.  After all, the brain would create the perfect world of the proposed experiment.  So, the subject is presented with the idea of living in their thoughts, alone and sans escape.

Recommended Podcast: The Arkham Sessions

If you are of my generation, one cartoon stood above the rest.  Batman: The Animated Series.  It brought back action cartoons and took them seriously.  Production values were high, and the writing was top notch.  Almost two decades later, they still hold up.
But what if?  What if we were to put the series and its characters under the microscope, psychologically speaking?  That’s exactly what the Arkham Sessions does.  Armed with a licensed psychologist and a writer’s bible, the Arkham Sessions peels back the layers episode by episode.
What is really going on under the character masks?

Podcast Review: The Reformed Pubcast

Think that theology and beer don’t mix?  Think again! 
The Reformed Pubcast (also available on iTunes) is run by two theology students with a taste for craft beer.  Alcohol, sci-fi geekery, and the word of God are all presented to you weekly.
I never heard of existential rock, paper, scissors until I began listening to the Reformed Pubcast.  As the son of a late pastor, I find their theology to be generally sound (I do disagree with their thoughts on predestination, but that’s a topic for another day).
It has quickly become my favorite podcast and is fun to listen to week after week.  Check them out!