DC Comics The Spectre film opening sequence idea

A little fan scripting for any interested. I would ideally cast Morgan Freeman in the title role. Not as any host seen in the comics, but an original one. A corrupt judge who died rescuing someone he once wronged. Enjoy!


Night. Stationary view near ground. Close-up view of dress shoes and a cane tip passing from left to right across the screen.

Cut to bench on street corner near park. No traffic. Not a soul not otherwise listed. A homeless man sleeps on the bench.

Cut to the Spectre’s human form. Close-up of upper torso from front, straight-on view. Face is off-camera. Zoom out, keeping face off screen. He’s well-dressed. All black suit, white shirt. No lapels or collar. Two triangles with curved sides hold top of jacket closed. All metal items are smooth silver. Spectre is still walking with his cane.

Cut back to homeless man on bench. Young punks gather and harass him. They spray him with liquid. In foreground, a punk lights a lighter.

Cut to above view. Spectre passes building corner, stops, and turns head to see the scene.

Cut back to punks. The lighter goes out every time it’s brought near to the homeless man. Spectre calls out to the punks. They turn their attention to him and rush across the street at him, cursing and uttering threats. The Spectre calmly turns around and walks away. The punks pursue. He turns down a dead end alley. The punks follow. Halfway down, The Spectre stops and turns 180° to face the punks. The Spectre remains still as a statue, unfazed as the punks spray him with the liquid. The lighter flame is lit. Spectre (seen from knees up, face in full view) raises his cane straight up, and then right back down to strike the pavement with a CLACK! His eyes glow green. The punk’s flame turns green. The Spectre’s hooded cloak billows out from behind him, transforming him into the full spirit of vengeance. The flame engulfs the punks as they scream in agony, but burns nothing else. Zoom in from the alley mouth through the chaos to the Spectre’s glowing eyes as the following narration plays, “In the land beyond the living, all things are possible. *deep laughter*” All but glowing eyes go black. Glow turns to green flames that burns into title logo.

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