What Is An SJW, And Why Are They A Bad Thing?

Edit: Another old draft.

Some of you reading this may have heard of #GamerGate, others may not.  One of the things I’ve learned in the past year since it began is what an SJW is.

SJW is short for Social Justice Warrior.  The term stands as a badge of pride for many labelled as such, and is used with derision by their opponents.  In my experience, those opponents are correct.

An SJW is characterized as an armchair activist (a paradoxical term, at best).  The SJW has little to no real world experience with the topic at hand.  They search only for that which already supports their claim, ignore the rest, and believe that they are doing good.  You’ll encounter the SJW primarily on social media.

The SJW may/may not actually believe what they are saying.  Their main goal is to look good appearing to fight for historically good causes.  Whether they are actually furthering that cause, or whether or not that cause needs fought for is of no consequence.  They will also attack/silence the same people they claim to fight for if someone from said group disagrees with them.  The SJW believe that it is their sacred duty to tell the dissenting member of that group what they should/should not be offended by as member of said group.

I.e. a male feminist SJW sees article stating that no woman is born straight, that the patriarchy conditions women into desiring men, and that all Penis In Vagina (or PIV) sex is automatically rape (and I wish I was making that up).  Said male feminist SJW starts to preach that like a hellfire and brimstone TV evangelist.  Woman tells him he’s wrong, that she is perfectly happy being straight.  Does the SJW listen?  Attempt to further his cause through logic and reasoned debate?  No.  If so, he would not be an SJW.  The SJW is defined by any of the following responses to said example: ALL CAPS CUSSING OUT DEROGATORY INSULT TANTRUM!!!!, automatically blocking, or coming up with some sort of BS like “internalized misogony” to justify telling said woman she’s wrong and what she should feel offended by as a woman.

Note the disconnect?  It also happens when a wealthy person tries to tell someone on food stamps what the concerns of the underemployed/unemployed are, women telling men what they should think about male rape statistics, a white person trying to tell a black conservative that they should be offended by the GOP, etc.

The SJW tends to avoid offering any sort of proof of their claims due to “proof being opression”

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