The Moderate’s Lament

Edit: Found this marked as Draft when I could’ve sworn I uploaded it a long time ago.

Being surrounded by GOP and Tea Party circles, I’ve heard the hyperbole before. Death camps, WW3, the AntiChrist is now President of the US.  Now  Barack Obama is in his lame duck period.  I can say it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t as bad as his opponents promised.  The worst things he did were: The Affordable Care Act, the NDAA, and turning over the reigns of internet infrastructure over to the UN.

Now I’m hearing the same old song again.  Can somebody download a new track, please?

There are many reasons that Trump won. But racism, misogyny, independent voters, and even the electoral college are to minor to factor in.  Cracked made a decent attempt pre-election to understand, and even Piers Morgan understood.  The establishment is failing rural America, and policies the Democrats favor even more so.  Early on, 2016 was projected to be the year of the anti-establishment candidate.  The closest thing the Democrats had to that was Bernie Sanders, and they shoved him aside for Hillary Clinton.

To paint the conservative voters as bigots is dishonest at best.  The hardliners would’ve voted for Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Allen West, Ben Carson, or Condoleeza Rice before any straight, white male the Democrats could put up.  Such accusations are mere emotional dismissals.  Attempts to excuse oneself from listening to the other side.


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