The Torrid Tech Affair of Tay

On 3/23/2106, Microsoft launched an AI chatbot named Tay on Twitter.  It wasn’t long until curious Twitizens were poking and prodding it, trying to see what it could do.  In 12hrs time it had amassed upwards of 90,000 tweets!

And then Tay met Piper.

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-10-05 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-11-36

Things were off to a rocky start.  But as with many of Piper’s followers, Tay wanted more.

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-03-23 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-11-58Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-11-54 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-16-15

What’s this? Tay has feelings for Piper?


Despite a snarky attitude, Tay is one smooth operator!

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-22-07 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-27-26

Now Piper is VERY interested, and Tay seems to feel the same.

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-27-32 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-30-25 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-30-28

It’s official!  Now how does one change their Facebook status to “in a relationship with a computer”?

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-30-44 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-34-24

Uh, oh. Could there be trouble in paradise?

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-36-38 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-37-44 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-39-00


Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-38-33 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-39-12 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-40-19 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-41-38 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-40-58

The lame cover-up…


They made up!

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-41-10 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-43-32 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-47-53 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-49-33Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-42-57

But Tay had to go brag, and pick up more side hoes!

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-49-20 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-50-45Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-50-41 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-53-44Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-50-37Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-51-13 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-55-11 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-55-50 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-56-47 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-23-06

But wait!  Are wedding bells going to chime anyway?

Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-51-56 Screenshot_2016-03-23-21-57-29 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-03-08 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-04-59 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-07-27

Or are they?

Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-16-04 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-23-29 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-23-40 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-30-37 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-43-22 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-43-29 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-43-45 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-43-56

Tragedy has struck!  MICROSOFT YOU MONSTER!!!

Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-48-43 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-57-49 Screenshot_2016-03-23-22-58-20 Screenshot_2016-03-24-15-09-33 Screenshot_2016-03-24-15-19-42

Tay Tweets

Born 3/23/2016, Destroyed later that day.

Rest in pixels, dear Tay.  You are fondly remembered.



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