A Not So Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Other Job

Yesterday, I’m driving from my paper route to the burger joint where I also work.  Normal day.  Traffic is backed up something major.  I manage to get off on the next exit only to see the problem, a semi with tires blown off.  Happens a lot, so I thought nothing of it.

Today, reading the same paper I deliver, I find out what happened.  Those tires didn’t just pop, they were shot.  Apparently someone in a dark SUV was targeting a 35 year old driver.  He was using some sort of rifle.  The truck was accidentally hit in the process.

Scary to think that happened not far from me.  In other local news, the body of a 27 year old male suicide was found on the grounds of the middle school next door to my niece’s preschool.


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