Review of the Cortex: The Firefly Online Companion

Outside the Box

In our first sample episode, Piper and I recieved digital loot for Firefly Online.  It was a code on a postcard-sized print of concept art from the game.  The concept art could vary from crate to crate, but the loot was the same.  An exclusive ship.

The ship in question is a variant of the Pilgrim known as the Overland or Overlander based on the LootCrate short The Verse.

scs20150515134643735Screenshot_2015-05-15-09-46-41[1]I’ve already named and painted mine, but more on that later.

The code is redeemed through the Firefly Online companion app, The Cortex.  The Cortex is free, with in-app purchasing.  It can be downloaded via Steam, Apple app store, or Google Play onto Mac, PC, Andriod, and iOS.

scs20150515213314670Screenshot_2015-05-15-17-33-11[1]To use the Cortex, create a free Firefly Online account and login.

scs20150515213400362Screenshot_2015-05-15-17-33-57[1]From the next screen, click REDEEM.  Enter code and get the ship!

Checking out different things in the…

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