Privilege: The Double-Edged Sword

So, feminists and racially extreme groups have a concept called privilege.  Supposedly, it refers to a set of advantages one possesses by their circumstances, namely race and gender.  I could get behind that, if it were applied that way.  It isn’t.  It’s used as an automatic way to shut down any opinion originating from one who is straight, white, and/or male.  Try telling anyone else to “check their privilege” and you’ll get a tirade about how x group is “systematically oppressed”.

Yet there are privileges for being female, LGBTQ, and/or in the racial minority.  Just go looking at scholarships, gyms, etc.  And then there is the fact that women get lighter sentences than men.

There are some who don’t consider this a privilege.

Sorry, Steph.  It is.  It fits the definition.  Have women had it worse than men?  No one doubts that.  But do they now?  Now, right now, society is at a point where the line is blurred by the grass perpetually being greener on the other side.  If you only look for wrong doing, you will always find it.  And that goes both ways.

Tell me to check my privilege?  Fine.  But check yours too.


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