Why Twitter Is My Preferred Platform For Political Debate

I know most people hate debating politics on Twitter.  People flying off the handle, resorting to insults and trite slogans, the utter lack of reasoning, the blocking, harrassment, reporting, the trolls, CAPS ABUSE, mspeled words, txt abbr, doxxing, SWATing, etc.  Additionally, the small character limit is restrictive to any reasoned speech.  I understand it, I really do.

Yet that character limit is EXACTLY why I love it.  I have a tendency to become too heated in a passionate debate.  I’ll send off nasty retorts without a thought and real damage occurs.  But when I have a character limit I am forced to focus on my word choice.  This means I am re-reading my content as I type and can catch my own worst offenses before they occur.  It also forces me to boil everything down to the point.  I can use multiple tweets to make it, but I must be brief.

Another bonus?  Interruption ceases to be an effective bully tactic.  They can tweet away, but I can finish my point by ignoring those tweets until I am done.  Then I can go back and read my opponent’s work.

Good debate is rare to find anywhere, especially Twitter.  But if you can find it, it is a beautiful thing.


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