New Year, Let’s Hit It Running.

Here we are in the waning hours of 2014.  I will not be ringing in the New Year at midnight as I must rise early in the morn.

When I wake, 2015 will be upon us.  It holds promise that stands as a relieving contrast to the tumult of 2014.  I have been with and without a job.  I am patching together two right now.  But soon Piper Steed and I will be launching Outside The Box.  Please follow and stay tuned as I plan to turn it into a career.

I’m not one for resolutions, but this year I state my plans publicly so that I may be held to them.

I, with my co-host, will launch Outside The Box and release the best content I can.

I will work off of all remaining forms of public assistance upon which I am currently, in part, dependent.

I will reduce my debt, both to corporate entities and individuals.

I will continue blogging here.

I will continue serving God.

These are my goals for 2015 and I’m going for broke to pursue them.


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