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November is Epilepsy Awareness Month!

I am married to an epileptic.  Over the course of our relationship, I have learned more about epilepsy and the common myths surrounding it.  I recommend this and this.  Especially the second one.  It tells you what to do if you witness a seizure.  Let me create the FAQ that epileptics wished existed for the rest of the world.

Stop calling them ‘fits’- The proper term is seizure.  Use it.  ‘Fits’ sounds like something minor and voluntary, the opposite of what a seizure is.  Fits are another term for tantrums.

NEVER PUT ANYTHING IN THE MOUTH OF A SEIZURE VICTIM!!!– Once upon a time, it was believed that a seizure victim could swallow their tongue.  As a result, it was recommended that an object be placed in their mouth to prevent this.  Medical science now knows better.  Neurologists around the world are now saying not to do this anymore.  The object presents a greater choking/injury risk than the tongue.

Don’t gawk or laugh- Seriously, having seizures is embarrassing enough.

There are many kinds of seizures.- It’s not just full-body.

Don’t ask seizure victims a lot of questions right away.- After a seizure, the brain of the victim is ‘rebooting’ (for lack of better term).  They won’t know the answers for a little bit and it can be overwhelming.

A seizure victim may not know that they had one.- My wife’s brain hates gaps.  When a seizure occurs, her brain fills in the gap to explain how she got there.  Just inform the victim of the seizure so they know to contact their neurologist.

Any epileptics out there?  Weigh in the comments on what you wish the world knew!