Nerd Block Unboxing

I am not a horror fan, so the FEAR crate from LootCrate wasn’t for me.  I replaced it with A Nerd Block Classic.  Same price range, but man, the guys at LootCrate had me spoiled.  This month’s Nerd Block Classic was themed Collide: DC vs Marvel.  The items were chosen by Kevin Smith.


When I got home, a box was waiting for me!


What was waiting inside?


Some Kevin Smith stickers…


A Previews Exclusive version of a Deadpool Funko Pop! figure…


More buttons for my messenger bag…


A Batman and Robin/Jay and Silent Bob t-shirt…

IMG_20141020_143412031 IMG_20141020_143419499IMG_20141020_143419499

A dangling Zelda thingy…

IMG_20141020_143250203 IMG_20141020_143221823

Prop replica deck of Agent Coulson’s Captain America trading cards…IMG_20141020_143216879

And an Arkham Asylum notebook.

All in all, good value for the money, but I like LootCrate better.


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