Ello Impressions

Sorry about the update lack.  Quick!  To the new post!

I can now be found on Ello at ello.co/leakymind .

Here are my thoughts:

Needs better mobile support.  It’s next to impossible to update from phone.

Love the drag and drop pic posting.  I need to make more use of that.

The posting buttons need to be a little clearer.  Between the thin stroke of the lines, the small size, and the light grey, it’s a little hard to find them.

Love the friends/noise switch.  Wish Twitter had that.

No ads! Forever!  W00t!

The black and white don’t bug me.

The list of planned features is impressive.

Anti-trolling policies actually enforced?  Hallelujah!

Easy customization.

All in all, I like!

Are you on Ello?


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