Things I Want To See Come Back

I’m still figuring out how to balance my descriptions of Quarroc with a narrator guiding the reader through the city.  In the meantime…

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the return of Surge soda on Amazon.  Big whoop, Coca-Cola’s version of Mountain Dew is back.  Here is what should REALLY come back:

1.  Pepsi Blue-I drank this almost exclusively in high school and college.  I still don’t get why it wasn’t more popular.  Guess I have to settle for Mountain Dew Voltage.

2.  Crystal Pepsi-I honestly don’t remember this one, but it is remembered so fondly that I want to find out what the fuss was about.

3.  Mountain Dew Pitch Black-First version ONLY.  Pitch Black II can remain in whatever grave PepsiCo mercifully laid it to rest in.  Pitch Black I could become a Halloween tradition, like General Mill’s Monster Cereals.  Speaking of which…

4.  The Return of Yummy Mummy-Listen, I’m a sucker for oranges and cream/vanilla.  I’m a fan of the Monster Cereals.  This is where the two meet.  ‘Nuff said, just add it to the annual lineup.

What else would you add?  Put it in the comments!


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