FYI-Posting Craziness

Normally I post MWF.  Normally, I would be sound asleep right now.  Without giving enough detail to embarass anyone, there was a medical close call around here.  Everyone is fine.  My update schedule is the only casualty.

Here’s the deal.  I’m really enjoying my Short Stories From Quarroc.  I can’t seem to finish those on the old update schedule.  Adding other posts slows me down.  So, unless I have the powerful urge to share something, the new update schedule will be whenever the next short story installment is finished.  The new schedule shall reign until The Three Doors are done. Then it’s back to the old.  Given the erratic nature of the new schedule, I recommend signing up for email updates or following me on Facebook or Twitter.  All can be done off of the sidebar menu. –>

Psst!  Check out my friends at LootCrate!


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