The Day’s Thoughts

A friend of mine commented on Facebook, lamenting the fact that more people weren’t posting about the significance of the date.  She said it seemed like no one cared about what happened just a few years ago.
Wrong on both counts.  I was actually glad to see fewer posts this year.  It’s healthy.  It’s a sign we’re moving on with our lives.  Truth is, it wasn’t just a few years ago.  Its been a decade plus three years.  I was in my high school study hall when the whole thing went down.  I’ve since gone to college, met the most important woman in my life, married her, had three kids, and celebrated seven years of marriage.  We’ve avenged our fallen by executing Bin Laden and built our monuments.
We’ve far from forgotten.  We remember that day the way previous generations remember Pearl Harbor and the Kennedy Assassination.  My oldest daughter has no idea what happened, but one day I’ll be telling my daughter where I was and how I felt as I answer her questions about history.
Up until last year, our daily loves would grind to halt as we marked the day.  That isn’t good.  That is living in fear.  And fear is the goal of the terrorist.  We face new threats.  We must move on to meet them.  We have not and will not forget.


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