The Sexism of the Bar

Ok, ok.  The title is obvious clickbait.  Here’s the situation.  Short Stories From Quarroc: The First Door Part 2 got delayed due to a nice little Tornado Watch.  Thankfully, the tornado passed by without incident.  Rather than pull a non-post like I did Monday, I’m going to indulge my contrarian nature.

There is a common practice in bars that is very sexist.  Not only does it discriminate against people on the basis of gender, it objectifies women and exploits an entire gender.  The practice?  Ladies’ Night.

Don’t laugh.  I’m serious.  The discounts are only offered to women.  That’s just as sexist as giving a discount only to men.  Also, let us look at the core of the practice.  The idea of Ladies Night is that you offer a discount to women to entice them to go to your bar.  This of course assumes that women are not in the habit of going to your bar in the first place.  Why are bars trying to attract women?  To bring in hetero-normative single men of course.  This assumes that the men are the big spenders.  And what is the assumed reason that the women will attract the men to the bar?  To hit on the women in numerous pick-up attempts.  Thus, the women are objectified as sexual bait to lure men into the bar.  Also exploitative to both sexes.

Think about it.

Also, while I’m on the topic.  I’ve read countless posts on the effect of ‘pink toys’ on young girls.  ‘Pink toys’ referring to male-centered and/or gender neutral toys being reissued in pink to encourage young girls to buy them.  The Nerf Rebelle line of foam dart guns, for example.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the message that ‘pink toys’ send to young men?  There is one.  I heard it loud and clear growing up, and I’m afraid that my son will soon hear it too.  We live in an age where anything masculine is de facto gender-neutral.  Feminine items, on the other hand, are not.  It is more acceptable to have women-only things, but not men-only.  Therefore, in a society where it is more acceptable for a girl to play with a truck but a boy is derided for playing with dolls, boys get the following message from ‘pink toys’ : “It’s okay for girls to have thing that are just for them, but there is nothing that is yours.  Nothing at all.”

As we strive for gender equality, we must remember BOTH sides of the coin.  Responsibilities come with rights and vice versa.  To gain a new right or privilege, sometimes that requires sacrificing an old one that was originally meant as a compensation.  To be equal, both sides must balance.


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