Inhaler Comparisons

Same meds, different manufacturer.  Since I’m stuck with whatever gets covered, let’s do a review of the two bands of albuterol sulfate inhalers I’ve had. Proair HFR and Ventolin HFR.

The Ventolin has a sliding arm that keeps me from losing the cap.  The Proair does not.  Both have easy-to-read dose counters.  This is important!  This way I don’t find out the hard way that I’ve run out.  That is the last thing I need during an attack.

The Ventolin cap has a plastic wedge inside to prevent accidental discharges.  The Proair doesn’t. I’ve lost four doses to that!  I need to keep this on me at all times, but how can I do that without worrying about it going off in my pocket!?

The Proair is a more compact design, allowing me to keep it in not only a front pocket, but in a watch pocket or the unused ash tray in my car!  The Ventolin fits in a front pocket.  That’s it.

The Proair is bright red, increasing visibility for quick retrieval.  The Ventiolin is a blue that blends in with some carpets.

The Ventolin does the job, but it does feel like spraying liquid.  The Proair feels more like breathing air, but with a nasty aftertaste.

All in all, I prefer the Ventolin for the cap features.

Short Stories of Quarroc return as each segment is finished.  Look for the next one soon!

IMG_20140830_181313011[1] IMG_20140830_181724577[1]


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