Cardinal Sins For Political Activism And Debate

I’ve mentioned before how I do try to keep politics out of most of my posts.  My personal leanings are moderate conservative, somewhere along the Libertarian/Tea Party Republican border.  That said, I thrive on oppositional research.  Conservative and liberal feeds stream almost constantly into my social media.  I’ve noticed certain trends on all of the political spectrum which need to stop for one reason or another.  No one reading this can feel superior by thinking, “Well, MY party doesn’t do that!”  Whether big two or independent, these problems are plaguing EVERY party.

1.  Fraudulent social media reporting. – I used to see conservative pages frozen or shut down all the time only to come back with the note that someone reported to whatever social media site that they were posting pornographic material, which of course they weren’t.  Liberal social media pages seemed to be unaffected from where I sat.  Then I read another WordPress blog called A Girl Named Jack.  Her latest post was a general complaint of someone doing the same to her Facebook page and she wondered why it only ever happens to liberal pages.  What we have here is a case of greener grass on the other side of the fence. 
If you do oppositional research, as I do, then you still are likely to follow more sympathetic pages than opponent pages.  This increases the chances of noticing this sort of thing happening to your side than the other.  Not to mention the fact that you’ll notice the occurrences on your side more due to less investment on the other side.  If you do no oppositional research, you have no real idea whether this happens to the other side or not.
In any case, don’t be that jerk.  Ignore the post.  Or, if reporting is warranted, report honestly.  Facebook has admitted they don’t have sufficient staffing levels to sort it all.  As a result, blocking is done without review unless appealed by the person to whom the blocked account belongs.  Reporting an opponent’s page as pornographic (unless there is indeed pornography) is fraud.  It is the dishonest, underhanded abuse of a tool and is not conducive to earnest debate.

2.  Name calling.-What are we?  5 years old?  Do we need to be put in a corner for time-out?  Calling each other “Libertards” and “Republicunts” is out of line. Period.  If you pull this move in a Twitter argument, you’ve already lost.  It doesn’t matter whether you are on the right side of the issue or not nor does it matter how worthy your cause is.  You’ve already shut down communication while simultaneously making your side look bad.  Debate over.

3.  Slogans.-Slogans are great tools for lectures, posters, and other one-sided outlets.  But slogans have no place in debate.  If the only argument you have is to parrot a slogan, you’re out of ammo.

4.  ALL CAPS.-WE HAVE ALL RUN ACROSS THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND IN COMMENT SECTIONS.  SERIOUSLY, KNOCK IT OFF.  IT IS THE TYPOGRAPHICAL EQUIVALENT TO YELLING, SERVES ONLY TO ANNOY, AND THERE IS NO GOOD REASON FOR IT.  Every device with which you can type has upper and lower case letters.  Make use of this feature, or type lower case.

5.  Death threats.-So obviously inappropriate, I can’t believe the sheer frequency with which it occurs.  I have had too few comments on my blog (Go ahead, I don’t bite.  Much.), but if I receive a threat then I will take it seriously by reporting it to the proper authorities.

6.  Hyperbole.-OMG!  People who overuse hyperbole all time a murdering the language beyond death!!!  If this continues, they’ll rape your eyes with all of this overly overdone extreme ranting!!!!!

7.  Putting words into the other’s mouth.-The only reason no one can argue with a person who commits this error is due to this action abandoning logic and reason altogether.  It also closes more ears than it opens.  I began to listen to the Associated Geekery podcast after hearing about it on the Arkham Sessions.  I shut the episode off part way through and have never listened to it again.  Part way through the episode, a co-host went on a rant about how she thinks that companies should know what charities and politicians a person donates to (nevermind that the lack of such info protects employees all along the political spectrum).  During this rant, she gave an example of if her boss donates to a pro-life charity.  “So you’re okay with me working here, but you think I should be barefoot in the kitchen raising kids” (quote from memory).  Those are two seperate things.  The pro-life camp isn’t saying that.  Sufferagette Susan B. Anthony was against abortion and saw it as a tool by which women would be oppressed.  Pro-life does not equal anti-feminist.  If you are going to bring an argument like this to the table, show the link.

8.  Just repeating the same post over and over.-’nuff said.

8.  Just repeating the same post over and over.-’nuff said.

8.  Just repeating the same post over and over.-’nuff said.

Did I forget any?


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