My Lootcrate Unboxing

Remember yesterday’s post?

Add to that.  This morning, @ 2 am, the power went out.  Fumbling and stumbling about the dark house, I locate my phone.  I used the flashlight app in my Guardians of the Galaxy utility and widgit kit to find my way around the house to get ready.  Good thing too.  My daughter had gotten out of bed at some indeterminate point in the night to sleep on the floor.  In the middle of the walkway.

Add to that, I began to feel sick while out on my paper route.  My airway acted up, I was exhausted, my head ached, my throat hurt, I was in a cold sweat, I felt weak, and I was nauseous.  I had to call off work.  Goodbye big chunk o’ paycheck.  Now saving up for the car issues is going to be harder.

My wife was feeling worse.  Two sick adults looking after three healthy and hyper kids.  Fun.

The bright spot to my day?  My LootCrate arrived!


What’s inside?


I am Groot!  An exclusive glow-in-the dark variant of the Groot Funko POP! bobblehead!


A LootCrate button.


A Sonic the Hedgehog air freshener.


TMNT sunglasses.


A KidRobot vinyl TMNT figure.


A shoe accessory.


Fridge Magnet.


Codes for digital loot.  (codes are on reverse side.)


A booklet.


And a fun box!


There’s a flap that folds to complete the couch, as well as a QR code to bonus content.  The LootCrate app kept giving me an error.  It couldn’t open the link.  The standard QR code reader app on my phone had no problem opening the silly little video.  Not sure about the code on the freshener.  My phone kept freezing.


Apparently, the KidRobot action figure for ages 8 and up is not a toy.  Also, it is made with extra cheese.


And the words “still beat” are now the compound word, “stillbeat”.


Final thoughts, I loved it!



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