The Realistic Superheroine

I have seen outcry for more realistic bodytypes in comic book superheroines for years.  (Let’s just ignore how unrealistic the male bodytypes are for this article)  Problem is, most people who complained didn’t actually want to DO anything about it themselves.  As for those who did?  The ones I’ve seen need to learn the definition of realistic.  One guy thought a more realistic Batgirl was 300 pounds wearing a bikini, mask, and cape.  Yeah, no.  She runs across rooftops all night beating up bad guys.  She ain’t morbidly obese.

Well it looks like DC is going to deliver.  Not only is her bodytype closer to a normal person in decent shape, but her costume is far more practical as well.  We’ll play wait-and-see with the writing, but the redesign is a step in the right direction.  Now if only they’d fix their mistakes with Harley Quinn and the Joker.

There are other bodytypes to cover, of course.  But I’d like to know what you think.  Tell me in the comments!


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