What I Learned From The Lego Movie

1.  Everything is awesome.

2.  Trust your instincts, unless your instincts are stupid.

3.  Due to #1, if the only thing stuck in your head is a song from Frozen, CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY!

4.  Double-decker couches are deceptively useful.

5.  Lego Batman is not as adept at music as his DCAU counterpart. (Nor does he benefit from auto-tune like in Brave and Bold)

6.  Lego Batman is a Jerk.

7.  Don’t miss the heart of your child.

8.  The dad was probably frustrated with a lack of control in the workplace and his very livelihood being threatened by senseless choices made by others.  The Lego area of the basement was probably the one area in his life where he had a sense of control.  That said, see #7.

9.  Missing pants = comedy gold.

10.  Everything is awesome.


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