Barking About Broken Windows

     It’s summer.  And year after year the same problem persists.  Irresponsible morons leave children and/or animals trapped in a hot car.
     We hear the horror stories on the news all the time.  Yet people seem to rationalize this stupidity with “Oh, it’s hot, but not THAT hot out.” or “I’ll just be a minute.” If it’s 70° F out, it’s over 100° F inside your car even with the windows cracked.  If it’s hot at all, it’s too hot.  Also, “just a minute” is enoughtime to cause heatstroke.
     A living organism in a hot car is in danger.  These situations are life-and-death emergencies.  Removing the victim from clear and present danger should be protected.  Why, then, am I reading about countless instances where the police WON’T break the window or in some cases, the good Samaritan is arrested and charged with property damage for breaking the window?  I’m not even talking about people who abuse that option as a first resort!  Take for example, this guy.  He looked for the owner and had them paged in the store.  He called the police for help.  When neither the owner could be found nor did help arrive for HALF AN HOUR, then and only then did he break the window.  He is now in jail.  WHAT!?  He saved a neglected dog from a cruel fate, saving its life and alleviating suffering, and now he is facing charges.
     The seriousness of this situation MUST fit the doctrine of “that which is necessary is legal”, right?  It should be protected by good Samaritan laws.  Whether it is or not, it is a clear case of Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience.  Deal with the emergency, then face the consequences.  Mere minutes can cause irreparable harm.
  To this end, if I come across your car, and a child/baby/animal/other living being unable to escape your car is shut inside on a hot day, I will act in the following manner:

1.  I will try the door. – If unlocked, problem solved.

2. I will record your tags. – snap a pic, take video, write it down, whatever works.

3.  I will attempt to locate you by reasonable and timely means. – You’d better respond by opening that car.  Anything else moves me to the next step.

4.  I will call the police. – If I get here, you’re already going down for negligence, abuse, cruelty, and any other applicable charges.

5.  I will open that sauna-of-death you call a car by any available and effective means should help from step 4 not arrive in a timely manner. – Fron jimmying the blockb with a hanger to smashing the window, I will go by WHATEVER works.

6.  Deal with the consequences. – If I get this far, Inhave deemed the situation worth doing time for.  I do NOT mess around with innocent lives.  This post is the only warning.  Deal with it

    What would you do?


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