Quick Post – Individualist Egalitarian

The following is off the cuff, no edits of any kind.  Presented as is.

Many men feel justifiably under attack by feminism. The more extreme the view, the more vocal the individual. Yet neither feminism nor the men’s rights movement hold the key to equality.

The wage gap remains slanted in the favor of men. But the recession hit men the hardest. Men were four times as likely to lose their jobs in a mass layoff and women are eighty-two times more likely to be hired.

These observations are not limited to the discourse over gender. The NAACP doesn’t hold the answer either. No racial group does.

We deplore segregation, yet when discussions on the myth of white male privilege are held on college campuses the white males are separated into a separate area. This prevents us from weighing in on an issue that affects us directly. Men are told that they are part of rape culture for no other reason than being male and that we must consciously modify how we carry ourselves just walking down the street due to the misbehavior of others. Women still feel vulnerable walking alone.

There is still a perception that thugs and gang bangers are primarily of African or Latin descent. It is culturally acceptable to exclude white descent from scholarship opportunities. Men too.

These are not the greatest examples, but sexism and racism are no longer in the large slant of the 1960’s. There is inequality all around the board. This fact is often pushed aside under the mentality described in the old saying, “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”. We can only see our perception of others and our own reality. Often, each person will fill in the gaps of their perception with something that seems better than reality. Therefore, no one has a realistic view of anyone else. Trying to achieve equality by supporting the underdog alone is a good start, but eventually the underdog would be raised into a position above the prior privileged class and a new inequality is created that will likely attempt to resolve itself in the same manner. This leaves society with a pendulum of inequality going back and forth.

The reason no group oriented around a single gender or race will ever succeed is that it will never recognize nor fight for the problems of another group, particularly if that group has been seen as an oppressor in the past.

The only ways to achieve equality are these. First, eliminate the idea of generational guilt and reparations. I cannot pay for the sins of other white males. I have enough of my own to contend with. Your children are not guilty of your crimes, nor are they in any way entitled to the debts owed to you. Let them instead live out the lessons they have been taught from our experience. Second, stop using a broad brush over people. The reasons are quite similar to the reasons of the generational guilt. Thirdly, support one another in their personal plights. Yes, those issues may yet be based on race or gender, but they are felt on the individual level. The only way to achieve equality is by promoting personal liberty for all, not just special protections for those like yourself.

Become an individualist egalitarian.


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