The Shaven Wookie.

So, yeah.  I’m bald now.  No pics yet.  My daughter got a comb so badly tangled in her hair that it had to be cut loose.  Then no haircut would look right.  We had to shave her head.  She didn’t mind.  She just loved picking out a hat!

I then continued the disastrophie.  My hair was long.  I wanted to save money.  You see where this is going.  I tried to trim my hair with the beard trimmer.  I gave myself a nasty bald spot.  Off with the rest of my hair.

Daphne seems happy that daddy is just like her.  I’m just ready for X-Men: Days of Future Past, while sipping Tea.  Earl Grey.  Hot. and selling household cleaning products.  While my minions procure the sharks with frickin’ laser beams.  The jokes roll like water off my scalp.  Shiny.


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