Free Comic Book Day 2014 Review Part 6

I think I only have three of these left after this…

DonaldDuckUncleScroogeFantagraphics offered Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: A Matter of Some Gravity.

I didn’t notice the variant cover gimmick until I got home and I was separating the kid’s comics.  My son had one version and my daughter had the other.  A clever play on the title.  Inside is a wonderful reprint (as that’s all Fantagrphics has the rights to with Disney) of a story featuring Magica De Spell.  The art can get a little disorienting given the plot device, but it works well.  It’s not a UFO, it is a JPDC!  I’m not familiar with the Gladstone character, put he does prove to be funny.


ValiantValiant also has Valiant Universe: Handbook 2014.  It’s not a comic, but it is a handy guide to all of their titles.


VWarsNow for IDW’s VWars.  Basically, an epidemic creates vampires.  Chaos ensues.  Standard art.  The story is good.  It is narrated by a folklore specialist cum presidential advisor.  He recounts the start of the war.  Tragic end.  Very graphic on the violence.  There is an outbreak map included as well as background files.

A recommended antidote to Twilight poisoning.

entorpyEpicenter Comics also had Entropy.  The cover is certainly interesting. Interior depicts a dystopian future of divided social class and banned books.  They also included the short, Vegetable.  Nasty piece of work a la Twilight Zone.  This brings us to Ciosses.  The futility of vengeance is beautifully told in this tale of lost love.


SherwoodI’ve never heard of 12- Gauge before.  So let’s look at Sherwood, Texas.  The cover art is just redundant.  The map on the inside cover tells me that this is Robin Hood retold in the present American West.  I prove to be right.  The whole thing is set as a war between biker gangs.  I’ve heard of the Boondock Saints, but I’ve never seen or read any of it.  Not a fan.

Unsure of recommendation.

TerraFormersKillViz Media/Haika Soru presents All You Need Is Kill. On the other side is Terra Formers by Viz Media/SIG.  All You Need Is Kill has impressive artwork.  Not enough impression of the ongoing story to want to pick it up.  Terra Formers reads in the traditional manga manner, that is opposite page order from western comics.  Very Japanese.  Not my cup of tea.

Not so recommended.


More soon…


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