Free Comic Book Day Review Part 5

And on and on we go…


Next we have the kaboom! Summer Blast!  This little anthology has quite a bit packed in.

The first sample is Herobear and the Kid,  It starts off with a rather weighty philosophical commentary on time.  Black and white artwork with no color punctuation save the logo in the upper-left corner.  As the observations continue onto the next page, we are introduced to the titular characters.  I particularly like how the Herobear’s red cape not only provides a relief of color to the monochrome work, but how it also breaks panel to weave in and out.  It forms a frame about the page.  I wish there was a little more like it on the subsequent pages.  The grey is more than a little dull.  Villains, comical henchmen, heroes, the imagination of a child, and oh, did I mention that the kid is Santa’s grandson?

Recommended for your inner child.

Then kaboom! gives us an Adventure Time short, Sphagnum Shmagnum.  I confess, I don’t get the appeal of Adventure Time.  Apparently it’s popular.  The art is terrible, the puns are worse, and the story is just boring.  Adventure my foot.

Not recommended unless you already enjoy Adventure Time.

I have never heard of Steven Universe before.  Art is cartooning and well done.  Not much story, but enough to give the reader a sense of Steven’s world.

The Amazing World of Gumball presents The Pants.  Another example of good cartooning.  A cat and a fish with legs are best friends.  Gumball (the cat), gives his friend the gift of pants.  The fish can’t seem to wear them.  The main lesson seems to be that you don’t need pants if you have shoes.  Do not attempt.

Uncle Grandpa?  There’s a disturbing title.  Better than “I Am My Own Grandpa”, but not by much.  Bad art with not much story.

The Regular Show presents D-20 Disaster.  For those not in the know, a D-20 is a 20-sided die.  To idiots playing around with a magic die, what else is there to say?

Peanuts brings a classic offering.  I don’t know how I feel about this.  Shortly before his death, Peanuts creator Charles Shultz published as a strip a letter detailing the end of Peanuts.  Now kaboom! has an ongoing series, not of reprints, but of new stories in his style.  At least they are remaining true to his original work, if not a little light on the occasional theology.

Right off the bat, I don’t like the Garfield short.  I love Garfield, but that classic character portrayed in that garish art style is an assault on the eyes.  Garfield stealing Nermal’s thunder is an interesting twist.

Overall, recommended on Herobear alone.


Capstone offers The Adventures of Jellaby.  Monochrome, yet interesting.  We get to see how Jellaby was found.  Thenw e come to full color stories.  Never play tug-of-war with a dragon.  To be honest, we’ve all dealt with knots and tangles like that.  Perfectly found humor in an everyday problem.  Pocky, I’ve had it and I still don’t understand the appeal.



Of course Marvel had to give us Rocket Raccoon!  The best C-list character to ever be created from Beatle’s lyrics.  DC, “The world is not ready for a Wonder Woman movie.”  Marvel, Here’s a talking raccoon!”  The riff on the Star Wars opening scroll is a nice touch.  I love the art.  Also, the line, “…So don’t try anything smart.” “I never do.” , that’s one of my favorite gags.  He’s after what turns out to be a self-rescuing princess.  Her competence is a nice strak contrast to Rocket’s…lack thereof.  Action and humor.  What’s not to love?

Marvel also threw in a little friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in space.  I almost wonder if Deadpool wrote this one.  Way more tongue-in-cheek than normal for Spidey, not that it’s a bad thing.  Not to mention “Deadly Ray Gun of Death!”.  Yeah, definitely something Deapool would write.  And the five pages reference breaks the oh so fragile fourth wall.



Rise of the Magi comes to us from Image Comics AND Top Cow Productions.  They slipped in a Star Wars reference on page one.  And a walnut “shell phone”.  The otherwise serious tone is punctuated by small bits of humor.  Essentially the trespasses of a bored child unearth world -threatening danger.  There’s also a sketch gallery in the back.

Recommended.  Just don’t lick the frog.


Udon brings us Street Fighter.  Oversized, high energy cover, and standard interior art.  Different shorts within provide background on several characters.  The art improves with each short.

Recommended to existing Capcom fans.


My beloved DC brought Teen Titans GO! to FCBD.  Not one of their better choices.  Atrocious art.  Good humor.  Not my speed.

Recommended for kids.


Yet more next time.


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