Free Comic Book Day Review Part 4

As we left our last review…

IDW     IDW brought Transformers vs G.I. Joe to the party with retro styled artwork inside and out. It’s like I’m digging through my older cousin’s box of comics again. No substance.
Recommended only for nostalgia’s sake.


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? United Plankton Picture’s Spongebob Freestyle Funnies 2014.
Nothing to say about the art, it matches the show. There are a couple of Spongebob shorts and a Mermaid Man. The second Spongebob short gets a little disturbing. They’re getting supplies to make comics. Patrick pops out of the shower saying “I’ve got the ink!”. Still in the shower is a shuddering Squidward. I really don’t want to know about how he obtained that ink. Blegh!
Recommended only for the first Spongebob short and the Mermaid Man.

BlackSky     Dark Horse put Project Black Sky on the table. It seems to be a throwback to early capes and crimefighters, complete with gorillas. Yes, gorillas. Who talk in sign language. Yeah.
Anywho, it gives a whole Captain America vibe with the whole time-lost hero from America’s greatest generation thing.

Guardians     Of course, Marvel brings us Guardians of the Galaxy. True believers rejoice! It’s got the same solid story and art we’ve come to expect from Marvel. Oh, my beloved DC, why can’t you get your act together?
We get to see Tony Stark explain to Corporal Thompson just who the Guardians are. Good intro book. Great for anyone who saw the movie trailer and went, “What the-?”. And Agent Venom joins the Guardians to represent Earth. Not the best choice Stark has made. And an ad for the wedding of Deadpool. My, my. DC’s Harley Quinn will be so disappointed.

To be continued…



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