Free Comic Book Day 2014 Review Part 3

     More reviews! Let the goodies commence!Sonic     Archie Comics also released a FlipSider of Megaman X/Sonic the Hedgehog. On the Sonic side, we are given short stories to catch old readers up to speed and lay down backstory on returning charcters for the benefit of newer readers. It’s good to see fan-favorite Sally return to the Sonic books. Also, a complete timeline is provided.
On the Megaman X side we are introduced to X, and the world 100 years after the events of the regular Megaman comics. It lays a solid foudation for the reader to drop in to the series. Also, as with Sonic, we are given a complete timeline.
Recommended, especially for classic gamers.

Tick      Spoon! New England Comics Press presents the Tick!
The Tick is well…the Tick. Always has been, always will be. His zany adventures march on in this one-shot with bonus short. Not much else to say.
Recommended? Of course.Red      Red Giant had four FlipSider issue #0s. I got them all. The first up is Tesla: The Future is Mine/Wayward Sons.
On the Tesla side, we open with a conversation between Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain that reveals the backstory of Mathilde   Poincare. The art befits the tone of the story. Very inventive action in historic trappings.
Wayward Sons brings us in ground-level to a supernatural action ride where we discover the story with the two principal characters. I’m interested.
Side note, Red Giant advertised free weekly comics in the back of Tesla. I will have to look into that.
Next up is The First Daughter/Magika. In The First Daughter, we are given an interesting notion of a tatical team made up of cryogenically preserved First Children who were omitted from history to save the world from extraterrestrial threat. I enjoyed it.
Magika enjoys a more painterly style and an imaginative fantasy world. I think my kids will enjoy reading this one with me. Also, magical donkeys are as stubborn as regular ones. Who knew? The characters are well-crafted.
More side notes, all of the Red Giant books claim Giant-Size Adventure, Giant-Size Thrills, Giant-Size Fantasy, or Giant-Size Action, yet they are smaller than standard format.
Pandora’s Blogs/Duel Identity begins on the Pandora sides with a slice of life from the daily world of Pandora Sargent. Things get a little strange as we seenthe creation of a gargoyle from a patient with a rare problem.
Duel IdentityIdentity occurs within a generic super-hero universe, with a dark undercurrent. The main character is a public face superheroine by day, hired assassin by night. Not a twist I saw coming.
This brings us to Darchon/Shadow Children. Darchon’s cover reminds me of the old pulps. Makes sense, the narrative character sees monsters and heroes from old pulps. I’d like to see how the stories are handled sans narrator.
Shadow Children has a Green Goblin knockoff on the cover. It start as an idyllic fantsy world inhabited by children, but it gets dark fast.
Overall, I recommend the lot.

Part four is coming soon!



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