Free Comic Book Day 2014 Review Part 2

   Time for part 2.  Quite a haul this year.
FarFromWonder    I have read and enjoyed The Looking Glass Wars and Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor (still need to read Archenemy).  As such, I was excited to pick up Far From Wonder Volume One: Hatter M.
The cover art got my hopes up.  Too bad the interior art doesn’t match.  I know some people dig the more unrefined “sketchy” style.  I am not one of them.  This is one of those cases where the good story survives bad art.
The story parallels the events of The Looking Glass Wars as it follows Hatter M on his search through our world for the missing princess Alyss.  Lots of action.
Recommended as a supplement to The Looking Glass Wars.
PowerRangers     Papercutz came to the table with the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.
Nothing special about the art.  Nothing bad either.  Story is a bit cheesy, but so were the original episodes.
I don’t remember Billy building a “rad bug” in the series, but he might have.  In any case, thebteam transports a captured Rita Repulsa to a remote location to be beamed into deep space.  Lord Zedd zaps the aforementioned “rad bug”, turning it into one of his monsters.  The team defeats it.  Zedd makes it grow to Godzilla proportions.  The team forms a Megazord and defeats it again. The end. Pretty much the same story as any Power Rangers episode ever.
Recommended for nostalgia, or for current children.
MagicWind     I have never heard of Magic Wind, but the cover is promising.
Interior art is detailed, but no shading.  Very old school.  Reminiscent of the pre-comics code westerns.  Interesting, as the publisher, Epicenter Comics is going by the same initials as a much beloved and defunct publisher from those days.  An homage, perhaps?  More of a monster story than a western.  It’s good, but not for me.
Recommended for fans of classic monster comics.
Smurfs     Papercutz also did their usual Smurfs book.  Plenty of trivia for Smurfs fans.  Features is a reprint of a story by the creator of the Smurfs, Peyo.
The next story is an Annoying Orange one.  I hate that meme.  The comics aren’t much better.
Ariol comes next.  The story is ok.  But I’ll give it a meh.
The First Dinosaurs concludes the book.  I got bored.
Recommended only on account of Smurfs.
SkywardMidnightTiger     Let’s hope that Action Lab’s Skyward/Midnight Tiger is better than their Zombie Tramp.  Can’t be much worse.
Art of Skyward is good.  The front page spread succeeds in grabbing attention. Story is good, leaves the reader wanting the next issue.  The backstory features a Nordic tribe split into four and the passing of a torch.  Big improvement so far.
Midnight Tiger also shows promise.  Normal kid livelives in world saved over and over by heroes who have long since abandoned the streets.  Gets caught up as a bystander in a metahuman battle.  Life is saved by a doctor with a super alter-ego.  Gets powers.  Becomes a street-level hero to do what the other heroes won’t.  I like it.
Action Lab could’ve saved themselves a lot of ink and negetive reviews by just offeroffering this solid book.  I recommend it.
Gotta go vote, then come back and schedule more posts for the rest of the week.  New installment soon.


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