When a Birthday Just Doesn’t Feel Like a Birthday

   For as long as I can remember, certain traditions have announced my birthday. 
    I have an uncle who sends me a birthday card with a dollar in it to this day.
    My grandfather wrote me a letter until he passed away.
    My grandmother called to sing happy birthday.
   I am down to just my uncle’s card.  Grandma has left this world since my last birthday.  She was an amazing woman.  She raised 5 children of her own in addition to the unofficial adoptees.  She taught english for decades.  She co-founded her local EMS.  She was always ready to help however she was able.  I miss her birthday call.
   It is time to establish new traditions.  Free Comic Book Day has become one.  Any ideas on more?


2 thoughts on “When a Birthday Just Doesn’t Feel Like a Birthday

  1. Probably Rachel

    On my birthday I was a little sad knowing that I wouldn’t receive grandma’s phone call and song. Halfway through the day, I received and voice mail from Brad’s grandmother, who knew nothing of the tradition, and she sang me happy birthday.

    New traditions are good! The timing of free comic book day is a perfect celebration of your birthday! It’s like they know you.


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