Free Comic Book Day Is Coming Soon

I love the first Saturday of May.  Why?  It’s Free Comic Book Day!

Never heard of it?  Free Comic Book Day is where various comic book publishers get together to increase overall comics readership by printing promotional issues and sending them to participating stores to be given away for free.  The terms and conditions are up to the stores, but they can’t require purchase.  There is a handy store locator on their site to help you find participating locations.

My local store is JC Comics and Cards.  They let me get one of everything.  And there is a lot of variety.  Reprints, samples, special one-shots just for that day, upcoming #1 issues, stuff for the tots, for kids, for teens, for adults, pretty much the whole gamut.

It has gotten crazy in recent years.  Used to be, I’d pop in any old time and get what I wanted.  Now I have to arrive about an hour before opening and get in line.  JC even sends issues down to the Cuyahoga Falls Library as a secondary giveaway site.

Provided I can still get my hands on some, I’ll try to post reviews here.  Also, DC Comics has announced that participating stores will also be giving away a free Batman comic in July as part of their 75 years of Batman celebration.


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