Dollar Voting

I still can’t believe the backlash that was against Ender’s Game author, Orson Scott Card. So he’s against gay marriage. Big. Freakin’. Whoop. Isn’t a guy entitled to his opinion anymore?

Tons of people created an uproar over Card writing a Superman issue. Fans threatened to boycott the book. Others refused to see or by the movie adaptation of Ender. Others are only reading used copies of the book so that they can enjoy this classic sci-fi masterpiece without financially supporting Card. Some have even attempted to take this as justification for pirating copies of it (still not justified, not one bit). Either you’re going to enjoy Ender’s Game or you’re not. The whole situation is ridiculous.

It all goes back to the whole “voting with your dollars” concept that has been big lately. The Idea is that if a corporate stance or personal viewpoint is even tangentially connected to a product or service, you should show your disapproval by not buying it. If this is how you feel, get ready to starve. I’m not kidding.

Just as the best lie is a partial truth, there is some small sense to this insanity. Offended by alcohol? Don’t buy any. Upset about the number of manufacturing jobs going overseas? Buy American. Even boycotts work sometimes.

Problem is, everybody offends everybody else sometime. It is inevitable. Ender’s Game carries no anti-gay messages. Why boycott it? As for the movie, rumor has it that Card’s contract included no percentages. He has seen all the money he is going to get for it. Yet knowing this, many still refuse to see through paid means. I applaud those homosexual and pro-homosexual individuals who showed up to support Chick-fil-A on the grounds that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the free expression thereof. Given the number of people running these companies, a person either restricts themselves to the point of no place to shop, burdens themselves with mountains of research, or both.

Also, boycotts only work as a concentrated effort by a particular group. Small, disorganized affairs aren’t even a blip on the financial radar of a large corporation. Target is purported to support many liberal causes that offend me, and I still shop there. If the product or service itself offends you, that is a different manner. Offended by porn, guns, or tobacco? Don’t buy them. That I get. But company x is owned by person y, and person y supports cause z. So someone offended by cause z shouldn’t buy the products or services of company x for that reason alone? Don’t make me laugh.

While voting via our dollars in no way violates the Constitution of the United States, if we continue to act in this manner we WILL experience consequences. Prices of the few goods and services we by will go up because the companies and individuals behind them know that their consumer base will go nowhere else. Quality will go down for the same reason. We will have to make compromises somewhere in order to ensure our survival, but we will become to ashamed to admit it. We will become so fed up with the requisite research to ensure that our dollars only go to like-minded individuals and corporations that we will surrender our opinions to some pundit or another. In short, we will sacrifice our first amendment rights to free speech and expression, our sanity, and our individuality. The cost of voting with dollars runs too high.


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