7 Years Ago Today

7 years ago today, my life altered for the better.

I met my wife in college around 2004-2005.  I had never had much of a dating history.  Three first dates and no second dates.  I was nervous.

When I first saw her from across the campus cafeteria, it took forever to work up the courage to talk to her. At first, I would walk toward her table, chicken out, and find a lame excuse to be passing by (usually the bathroom).  I finally noticed that she was listening to the Newsboys album, Take Me To Your Leader.  Common ground!  I finally found a way to break the ice.

We quickly became friends, and then I asked her out months later.  The date was technically a disaster.  She lived about an hour away, so I hurried to find something close to her to do.  Mapquest gave me the worst directions of my life.  We got so terribly lost, but we didn’t mind.  We at least had each other and some beautiful nature views around sunset.  We never got to the pizza place.  I asked if there was anywhere else she would like to go.  We wound up at a local drive-in (I didn’t know that those still existed) called Skyway.  It’s closed now.  I forgot that my window was partially up to hold the tray.  She pointed out some stars, so I went to put my head out the window for a better look.  I hit my head hard.  We laughed.  We spent the rest of the evening just wandering and talking.  She took me to the Riverfront Mall area of Cuyahoga Falls.  We talked by a fountain that looked to me like castle turrets reaching up out of the water.  I playfully splashed her.  She pretended to be so mad.  I kept apologizing until she laughed and told me it was OK.  It was a magical evening.

I proposed a year later at that same fountain.  I had recreated our first date.  I motioned as if I was going to splash her.  She turned her head and held up her hands.  No water came.  She cautiously opened her eyes as she looked back toward me.  I was on one knee with the ring in my hand.  She said yes.

Which brings us to April 14th, 2007.  She was a vision in white.  We tied our lives together for better or worse.

Looking back, we’ve been through some very rough times that not many marriages would survive.  And as much as she may drive me crazy at times, it is a short trip.  For I am already crazy about her.

Rebekah, I know I can drive you up the highest walls sometimes, but I still love you.  You are the mother of our two, beautiful children with one more I can’t wait to meet.  You are the anchor to my flights of fancy.  You are my cohort and consort.  You are my heart.


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