Fair Warnings

Time for something a little personal.  I have been unemployed for a long while with a wife, two kids, and a third child waiting to be born.  I just gained two sources of part-time employment to fit together.  One starts at three in the morning.  The other will have a varied schedule from week to week.  This situation combined with raising multiple children is not conducive to sleep.

What does this mean to you, the reader?  It means that I may miss a few future updates.  No apology will be made as this is simply the result of something I have to do.  I have the rest of the Mon and Fri updates queued for April and a buffer of articles to load.  Thank you for your understanding as you bear with me.  I will continue to maintain this blog regardless of what happens to my update schedule as it is a wonderful outlet for some of my odder ideas.  If you want to ensure that you are informed of future updates, you’ll find a email subscription box on the sidebar.

Wish me luck.


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