Registry Fun

When my wife thinks baby registry, she thinks, ‘Awww, look at all of the adorable baby stuff.  Isn’t it cute!’  I think, ‘Hey, scanner guns!  Pew pew pew!’  Either way, registry experiences vary.  Here’s ours.

ThinkGeek – Online only, so no scanner guns.  😦  Great products to register for that can’t be found anywhere else.  First registry I filled out.  Highly recommended.

Babies R Us – Scanner gun feels like a Star Trek : TNG phaser.  Very few glitches.  They gave us each a free bottle of water while we registered, a bag full of helpful stuff (bottle, diaper, sample wipes pack, etc.), and we were entered into a raffle for a baby stuff prize pack.  Highly recommended.

Burlington Coat Factory – Meh, it was okay.  Standard scanner gun.  Had to dial an extension from the registry desk to get assistance.

Target – Glitchy scanner gun with low battery.  Goody bag like Babies R Us, no water.  Overall, not bad.

Wal-Mart – We have done Wal-Mart registries in the past.  Not this time around.  The Wal-Mart we normally use stopped doing registries in store.  The other one we tried bounced us between the front desk and electronics.  The front desk registry computer was broken and the electronics computers were tied up doing cell phone contracts.  We were told we could try it online, but at this point I’m not taking to the internet.  I’m taking to their competitors.

Tell me your registry experiences in the comments!


One thought on “Registry Fun

  1. Probably Rachel

    I don’t recommend Wal Mart for registries. So many inconsistencies between stores when shopping. When we did our wedding registry, we did Wal Mart due to the fact that everyone attending had a Wal Mart nearby. They made us leave Brad’s license with them at the jewelry counter until we brought the gun back and then we had to remind them that they had it!


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