Homemade Play Dough Revisited

Field Notes From Fatherhood

G stirring play dough2 In 2 minutes this goop will be play dough

We spent the morning hiking, picnicking, and doing a bit of rock climbing, but since our youngest still requires a mid-afternoon nap there’s often a bit of drag time in the gap between nap and dinner, one too short to really get out to do something but too long to just chuck them at their toy box and hope for the best.

Sometimes that means a DVD while I fix dinner, but too much screen time leaves me feeling vaguely guilty. Today we dipped into the tattered bag of tricks and pulled out an oldie but a goodie – homemade play dough.

We hadn’t made play dough in so long that I’d forgotten how easy – and fun – it is. Here’ s the recipe and a bit of explanation. Today we used food coloring to make a six-pack of different…

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