Banning “Bossy”, Really?

Talk about a misguided and ineffectual campaign!  How is banning the word “bossy” on the playground going to empower my daughter?

Answer:  It won’t.  It can’t.

When I was a kid, “bossy” was used against both boys and girls, and was usually used for good reason.  Recess is supposed to be a time of unstructured play.  Yet, often a child would take it upon themselves to order the others about.  That was the kid that got called “bossy”.  If you’re not supposed to be in charge, don’t tell others what to do.  Simple as that.  If a kid of any gender tells mine that they have to play on the slide when my kids want to play on the swings, that kid is bossy.  A spade is a spade.  Deal with it.


One thought on “Banning “Bossy”, Really?

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