Hyperbole And The Slow Death of the English Language- AKA Why Some People Can’t Seem To Communicate

Ah, hyperbole, my old nemesis.  Why are people having a hard time understanding one another?  Oh, I see.  It’s mostly due to you.

It is bad enough when you are traveling alone.  People don’t think that absolute states are enough.  This gives us such abominations like “biggerest” and the “most dumbest”.  The latter often describes its user, doesn’t it?

But then you go and team up with word abuse.  This gives us the complaint, “I’ve been waiting, like, literally a million years”.  No known human being has a lifespan that long.  The misuse of literally makes me figuratively insane.

And how is your cousin, reductio ad absurdum?  I hear she has just been thriving on the internet and in political debates.  Why, her technique is flawless.  She simply extends anyone’s argument to the most ridiculous extremes and criticizes the results!

My fiend, you have diluted the meaning of awesome until it simply means good.  Gargantuan and gigantic are somehow smaller than they once were.  Soon, hyperbole, your exaggerations shall dilute the meaning of words until there is no difference left between all and none.


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