Tl;dr is the annoying little scourge of online discourse.  Type anything longer than a tweet and many times you’ll get at least one such reply.  To save those who don’t know from embarrassment, tl;dr is online shorthand for Too Long, Didn’t Read.

Think about it.  If someone types something that is long enough to lose your interest, you weren’t required to read it anyway.  The sensible thing to do is to find something else immediately.  But there are others, in finding more than two sentences strung together longhand, who will take extra time out of their day to type their complaint in four letters and a punctuation mark.

Is the internet to be a mere dumping ground for empty slogans and pithy quips?  I hope not.  Yet in order to say anything meaningful, often times it requires more than 120-240 characters.  Deal with it.  Either read or don’t, but do not assume that the entire internet is written just for you.  Want to show ignorance?  Then just type tl;dr in the comments for anything longer than a t-shirt or bumper sticker.

Really?  Type one short paragraph on any topic and that’s what happens?  Is our ability to express our thoughts and ideas online limited to the duration of passing gas?  The author has taken time out of their day to express and share their thoughts, their ideas.  It’s the foundational idea of all communication media, internet included.  Yet many feel the need to announce their moving on to something else instead of doing so quietly.  Why?  Typing tl;dr is insulting the author as being long-winded.  An yet it is readily used if someone types more than two sentences w/o using txtng abbr, lol.  It’s more than ignorance, it’s flipping the author the middle finger, or mooning them at the end of a speech.

There is a quote from the CBS comedy series Two Broke Girls, “Twitter is stupid and Instagram is just Twitter for those who can’t read.”  While I don’t necessarily think that neither those services nor those that use them can be classified as stupid,  I get the point.  Twitter limits our expression, and Instagram even more so.  Do not be afraid to type your thoughts in their entirety.  Go ahead and use proper spelling and correct punctuation.  Show people that your grammar is more that just that sweet old lady you visit from time to time.  Let us fill the internet with more than just porn and cat pictures.  Let us think and discuss as well.  And if there is anything too long to hold our own interest, we shall simply move on quietly sans comment.


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