Time And Light

Time is a fun concept to throw around.  Most people think that time is linear. Event A causes Event B which causes Event C.  It is easy to see where this perception comes from.  Of course, it is also easy to see where people got the idea that the earth is flat or that the sun goes around the earth.

So it is with time.  Most scientists believe that time is simultaneous and it is merely perceived as linear.  Go watching through some NOVA episodes sometime.  There is one that talks about a quantum physics concept known as the spacetime loaf.  Essentially, Events A, B, and C are occurring all at once.  It’s a little confusing, I know.  Rather than wasting space going on about simultaneous time (especially since I need reference to explain it here) I’ll simply move on.

What if time, like light, was a paradox?  Paradoxes exist in spite of human inability to understand how.  Take light.  It has been shown to have the properties of a wave.  According to human conception, it is impossible for something to be both a particle and a wave.  Yet light also possesses the properties of a particle.  Ergo, light is a paradox.

It would be no coincidence, then, that time and light are both in the famous theory of relativity.  What if time is both simultaneous and linear?  Such an idea boggles the mind as it is a supposedly impossible concept, yet what have we learned about light?  If we were to discount the impossibility and looked at time as a natural paradox, what would that explain about time?

I’ll end with the Star Trek theory as posed by the character Wesley Crusher.  Time, light, space, and sound may not be the separate things we perceive them to be.


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