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Piper and I have news!

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We will be livestreaming a sample episode of Outside The Box Saturday, February 28 at 2pm EST!  Follow us on Twitter @outsideboxcast and we’ll tweet the link for the livestream there and embed the video here afterward.  Finally you will all have an idea of what we’re trying to do (I hope)!

Also, a lot of our paperwork mess is sorted through!  This means we need to hear from all of you what reward tiers you want to see in our upcoming Indiegogo campaign!  It won’t be long now!

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An Open, and Overdue, Apology

I got on Twitter shortly after starting this blog to promote it.  Naturally, I began following comics creators on it.

To date, I know of three that have blocked me.  I only owe one an apology.  An apology that should have been given long before now.

You know how tone doesn’t always come across in text, so the reader will often project their own tone on it?  This incident involves that.

It was during the big Ebola scare.  Noelle Stevenson (of LumberJanes fame) was tweeting about how she was stuck on an airplane being held on the runway due to a patient that may or may not have Ebola.  The plane was stuck for hours.

Keep in mind my own reactions.  I know that Ebola is transmitted via contact with infected bodily fluids.  I think (not sure) that HIV is transmitted in a similar manner.  Therefore, chances of catching it are not high.  I don’t tend to freak out about stuff like that unless I don’t feel well.

I read her tweets as having no panic and all of the annoyance of waiting in line at the DMV.  I prefer humor, bad puns in particular, when I am in that type of situation.  So I tweeted, “Ebola’d a strike, but I keep getting gutterballs…”.

Noelle tweeted back in shock as to why I would make such a joke.  I tried a tweet to explain that humor helps me in those situations.  Her response was much less than enthusiastic.  I dropped the subject.

A while later, someone retweeted something from her that I liked.  I tried to fav it.  Twitter said I couldn’t.  I tried to retweet.  Again, no avail.  So I clicked Noelle’s profile pic.  Twitter brought up a message saying that the profile I was trying to view had blocked me.

I was puzzled.  What had I done to be blocked?  The only thing I could think of was the joke.  Was it really that bad?  It took me awhile for it to dawn on me from a different perspective.  Much longer, I confess, than it should have.  That is the only block that has bugged me to date.  I meant to apologize months ago, but how?

I really was a dummy.  It just dawned on me today that I have a blog.  I could write an open apology in the hopes that some reader will forward it to @Gingerhazing to tell her that @theleakymind sends his apologies for a stupidly insensitive moment.

So, if you are reading this, I apologize to you.  Noelle Stevenson, I understand if you do not wish to lift the block, but I hope you will.

Signed by one contrite idiot,

Seth Engelhardt

Why Twitter Is My Preferred Platform For Political Debate

I know most people hate debating politics on Twitter.  People flying off the handle, resorting to insults and trite slogans, the utter lack of reasoning, the blocking, harrassment, reporting, the trolls, CAPS ABUSE, mspeled words, txt abbr, doxxing, SWATing, etc.  Additionally, the small character limit is restrictive to any reasoned speech.  I understand it, I really do.

Yet that character limit is EXACTLY why I love it.  I have a tendency to become too heated in a passionate debate.  I’ll send off nasty retorts without a thought and real damage occurs.  But when I have a character limit I am forced to focus on my word choice.  This means I am re-reading my content as I type and can catch my own worst offenses before they occur.  It also forces me to boil everything down to the point.  I can use multiple tweets to make it, but I must be brief.

Another bonus?  Interruption ceases to be an effective bully tactic.  They can tweet away, but I can finish my point by ignoring those tweets until I am done.  Then I can go back and read my opponent’s work.

Good debate is rare to find anywhere, especially Twitter.  But if you can find it, it is a beautiful thing.