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Review of the Cortex: The Firefly Online Companion

Originally posted on Outside the Box:

In our first sample episode, Piper and I recieved digital loot for Firefly Online.  It was a code on a postcard-sized print of concept art from the game.  The concept art could vary from crate to crate, but the loot was the same.  An exclusive ship.

The ship in question is a variant of the Pilgrim known as the Overland or Overlander based on the LootCrate short The Verse.

scs20150515134643735Screenshot_2015-05-15-09-46-41[1]I’ve already named and painted mine, but more on that later.

The code is redeemed through the Firefly Online companion app, The Cortex.  The Cortex is free, with in-app purchasing.  It can be downloaded via Steam, Apple app store, or Google Play onto Mac, PC, Andriod, and iOS.

scs20150515213314670Screenshot_2015-05-15-17-33-11[1]To use the Cortex, create a free Firefly Online account and login.

scs20150515213400362Screenshot_2015-05-15-17-33-57[1]From the next screen, click REDEEM.  Enter code and get the ship!

Checking out different things in the…

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Privilege: The Double-Edged Sword

So, feminists and racially extreme groups have a concept called privilege.  Supposedly, it refers to a set of advantages one possesses by their circumstances, namely race and gender.  I could get behind that, if it were applied that way.  It isn’t.  It’s used as an automatic way to shut down any opinion originating from one who is straight, white, and/or male.  Try telling anyone else to “check their privilege” and you’ll get a tirade about how x group is “systematically oppressed”.

Yet there are privileges for being female, LGBTQ, and/or in the racial minority.  Just go looking at scholarships, gyms, etc.  And then there is the fact that women get lighter sentences than men.

There are some who don’t consider this a privilege.

Sorry, Steph.  It is.  It fits the definition.  Have women had it worse than men?  No one doubts that.  But do they now?  Now, right now, society is at a point where the line is blurred by the grass perpetually being greener on the other side.  If you only look for wrong doing, you will always find it.  And that goes both ways.

Tell me to check my privilege?  Fine.  But check yours too.

The Feminists That I Respect

There is a growing rebellion against the label “feminist”.  More and more people are refusing to identify as such, including women.  Why?

Do they wish to turn back the clock?  To take the hard-won rights away from women?

Absolutely not.

Many are simply fighting for equality under a new flag, Egalitarian is mine.  Many feel that the third wave is filled with too many extremists who fight for superiority instead of equality.  That too many of the issues are fabricated from half-truths.  Etc.

Yet many who still identify as feminist do fight for equality.  These are my allies.  These are my friends and family.  These are the feminists I respect.  And there’s something that I notice they all have in common:

Not one identifies with the third wave.  They either identify with an earlier wave, no wave at all, as an “original” feminist, or as a fourth wave feminist in an attempt to reclaim the movement from those who have tainted it.  They feel like calling everything rape trivializes the experiences of rape victims, that there are problems and privilege on all sides, and instead of treating a list of “men’s issues” as a bone to throw the opposition, they give those issues the same priority as the women’s issues.

May those that fight for equality take back your movement.