An Open Letter To FOX

Hi there.
I have of course heard of Gotham arriving to your network this fall.  Congratulations.  As a Batman fan, I look forward to it.
That being said, I have a concern.  Your history with science fiction.
Science fiction is one of the many genres from which superhero stories draw root.  It is also a genre you have not handled well.
I understand, the numbers for the first seasons of Firefly and Almost Human were not to your liking.  Maybe, then, you  simply don’t realize one important fact regarding science fiction.  You can never judge by first season numbers.  You need to commit to a minimum of two seasons and compare the numbers between the two.  It takes that long to build the audience.
A large risk, I know.  But look at the benefits.  Science fiction audiences are loyal.  They’ll give a show a few episodes chance to recover from a misstep.  They are also avid consumers.  Before dvd made seasons practical, Star Trek: The Next Generation fans bought the complete series on vhs.  Seasons, collectibles and branded gear of all price ranges, these are more popular among fans of sci-fi and superheroes than any other genre.  Surely you can see the profit there.
If that is a risk you are unwilling to take, I understand.  But look at Firefly.  It got a movie and a comics series from dark horse.  Fans are buying the series and the merchandise.  I expect similar from Almost Human.
You will do as you see fit, of course.  I can only offer the recommendation of either committing to a two season minimum on all sci-fi and superhero shows or avoiding the genres entirely.
Good luck with your future endeavors, and I shall be tuning in for Gotham.

The Realistic Superheroine

I have seen outcry for more realistic bodytypes in comic book superheroines for years.  (Let’s just ignore how unrealistic the male bodytypes are for this article)  Problem is, most people who complained didn’t actually want to DO anything about it themselves.  As for those who did?  The ones I’ve seen need to learn the definition of realistic.  One guy thought a more realistic Batgirl was 300 pounds wearing a bikini, mask, and cape.  Yeah, no.  She runs across rooftops all night beating up bad guys.  She ain’t morbidly obese.

Well it looks like DC is going to deliver.  Not only is her bodytype closer to a normal person in decent shape, but her costume is far more practical as well.  We’ll play wait-and-see with the writing, but the redesign is a step in the right direction.  Now if only they’d fix their mistakes with Harley Quinn and the Joker.

There are other bodytypes to cover, of course.  But I’d like to know what you think.  Tell me in the comments!

Pocket Junk and the Funky Kazoo

I’ve come to call the denizens of my pockets “pocket junk”.  Loose change, keys, wallet, cards that I just shoved back into my pocket, ticket stubs, phone, and the new arrival, my inhaler or “funky kazoo”.
The first portion of the list is normal.  Some of these things predate pockets.  Money has been carried around by people since it supplanted the barter system.  Keys as long as there have been locks.  These are so old that they hung from our belts before we made pockets.  And we’ve been carrying phones since we figured out how to get them off of the wall.
The inhaler?  Not so common.
I’d been experiencing chest pains daily for a while.  My doctor ruled out heart disease first.  This was a major relief as heart attacks are prominent in my family history.  We soon narrowed things down to either a “reactive airway”, or anxiety.  The only way to narrow it down is to try the inhaler for a couple of weeks.  If it works, my funky kazoo gets a permanent place among my pocket junk.  If not, we treat me for anxiety.  Fun.


Last Wednesday’s update went to the wrong blog.  Posted on this blog Thursday.  No Friday post.  Today is late.  Blegh.

I had fun at my sister’s yesterday.  Good food, great company.  Great Lakes makes a good chocolate/coffee beer.

My daughter got to see fireworks with Grandma and Grandpa.  Easiest time we’ve ever had putting her to bed.

I’ve got my hat in the ring for a job with ThinkGeek.  Go to their contact link at the bottom of the page and bug them to hire me!

As I emerge from the update lack, any topics you want me to tackle?